For over 20 years, I have been providing communications and IT solutions for small and medium business enterprises. The dictionary of three and four letter acronyms has grown considerably as technology advances. My mission has been to provide accurate and timely interpretations of how these developments can be of service to businesses- how the available technologies can increase productivity, decrease costs and improve customer experiences. As the economic climate changes, businesses require a trusted advisor to assist them in making informed, timely and effective communications decisions. At Prime Telecommunications, we have established an elite force of veteran telecommunications professionals- our relationships with our clients remain constant. For a number of years, our technicians were trained and certified on legacy Nortel equipment- which we are in the process of replacing with current IP premise solutions like Allworx and Zultys as well as hosted or cloud solutions from SNET. We are Authorized Business Partners with both Zultys and Allworx equipment solutions for on site SIP systems, we work closely with S-NET Communications for Hosted Virtual Phone Services and we represent all major carriers of telecom and data circuits. We are trusted partners for, Windstream, CBeyond, and other Cloud services providers like Rapidscale. We are pleased to offer cloud video conferencing with Iocom. We work closely with Steadfast in providing data center services for companies located in the Chicago metropolitan area.

The Prime Telecommunications main website is: www.primetelecommunications.com. 

Would you like to speak to a member of our team? Please give us a call at 847 329 8600.

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