IT Buzzwords that Need to STOP!

Anybody who spends more than about 5 minutes with me professionally knows that I have an aversion (understatement) to buzzwords and meaningless techno-jargon. Imagine my delight when I came across this blog post from  Stephanie Moncayo that riffed all over my allergy. It is a great- and humorous read.


Buzzwords, also known as pretentious jargon devoid of meaning, can easily drive anyone crazy! Although most users and administrators are familiar with Macbooks, Androids and Fitbits, few are actually familiar with the underlying technology that make their lives easier. Often, IT buzzwords are used to oversimplify the complex work that technicians, MSPs, and programmers do everyday. It’s no wonder they’re so frustrating. If you have ever had to explain to someone that “you’re not an app designer [so do] not confuse the program that saves entire organizations on a daily basis with Snapchat,” then you will certainly appreciate this post.

We’re back with another IT Community post! We’ve again browsed online communities like Spiceworks and Reddit to find the most irritable buzzwords you wish would just die. After filtering through hundreds of responses, which might I add was very entertaining (big kudos to HardLuckMike for his own thread), I’ve narrowed it down to these few notorious buzzwords that make every person in the tech industry lose it. Enjoy!

The “Cloud”

So by now, everyone and their mom knows about the Cloud, but who can actually explain it? If you’re in the tech industry, you hear this word and probably more than 50% of the time it’s being misused. One of our respondents described this anomaly, claiming that “people think the cloud is some magical place, but for our clients I could tell them the exact street address of where the cloud is lol.” More or less, you wish people could take five minutes to Google the definition.

Here are some more awesome responses to the “Cloud”:




Synergy and Stuff

This next series of responses is my personal favorite because everyone can relate to hearing corporate business jargon for fifteen minutes straight. Your eyes gloss over and you walk away thinking, “what in the world was that?!” Well, now there’s Buzzword Bingo, a game that captures these irksome phrases. The Bingo card includes buzzwords like: innovative, giving it legs, strategic partnerships and integrate. Basically, the first person to call out five in a row horizontally, vertically or diagonally wins Bingo! Yes, we shared the gameboard below for you to play along.

I’ll let the Spiceworks participants take it from here. The first response below received 208 spices. You aren’t alone, Digital Man!


Another paragraph without meaning:


More business jargon you love to decipher:




As promised, the Buzzword Bingo Game!


The Internet of Things

Huh? This is a buzz “phrase” that really ticks people off probably because it doesn’t make any sense. A lot of our respondents feel very strongly about this phrase. Many of you feel that the Internet of Things is a vague phrase that encompasses all too much, making it a useless term in itself. According to one definition I found, “the Internet of Things (IoT, sometimes Internet of Everything) is the network of physical objects or “things” embedded with electronics, software,sensors, and connectivity to enable objects to exchange data with the manufacturer, operator and/or other connected devices based on the infrastructure of International Telecommunication Union’s Global Standards Initiative.” So…on to the comments?




Unfortunately, I can’t make the buzzwords stop! That being said, these Spiceworks and Reddit responses serve to remind us all of the solidarity within the tech community, especially as it relates to these overused words. I hope you had as much fun posting responses as I did reading through them. A special thanks to everyone who participated. It’s nice to see comments like the one below, which reminds us we aren’t alone. That’s why we write these posts. We are here to hear you out!

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