Looking Back to Move Forward: Recent Communications Trends

Often, in order to know where you are going, you have to see clearly where you have been. And when it comes to staying competitive in business, it’s all about having the edge and accurately placing your own company.

Looking backwards

Take a look at several of the communications trends that dominated the scene in 2014, and consider how your business played into that landscape. By assessing what standards you did or did not meet in past quarters, you can ensure you are ready to take a strong stand in the newer zones in the next months.



The world of Business Communications

Managed Internet Demands

The end of 2014 saw cloud-based phone services take over as the expectation, and as a result, businesses began to demand Internet services that could deliver optimal performance to meet those needs. Private companies became highly desirable for their tightened security and increased data protection.


All in the Cloud

Companies began to focus on network and applications to connect employees and exerted less control over the specific devices themselves. This made it easier for workers to follow company procedures, get updates on new systems, and stay connected to resources and schedules.

Multiple devices

Decreased Need for Desktops

As devices became increasingly more powerful, more employees began to work entirely from their smartphones or tablets. Last year even saw many business software suites, one being OpenOffice, transition their operations to include mobile versions of their platforms. This added accessibility bridged another gap between a mobile workforce and increased business demands.


Cloud is maturing

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Remote Integration

Before, staffing needs were solved by outsourcing to workers in other countries, often without sufficient training. Now businesses have begun to incorporate the skills of workers from far away into their company, giving them information and authority to deliver ideal customer experiences from the inside rather than attempt to connect from afar. This trend has added talent without creating extra distance or dissonance in the branding message.


Greater Global Operations

By embracing the talent spread across greater geographical locations, businesses lengthened their own reach overall, many seeing for the first time a presence in countries where there previously was not. By taking a more comprehensive approach to talent acquisition and perceiving the possibilities for expansion in a new way, those who were ready to reach for more, achieved it.

GLobal integration

So how does your company look? Are you up-to-date with the newest trends in communication? Do you feel confident that your business is poised to take on the next set of challenges and opportunities? Look for trends of the very near future while keeping in mind lessons learned from the not too distant past, and soon your company will see itself leading the industry.


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