Cloud Computing in 2015-What should we expect?

Cloud Computing in 2015

What should we expect?

In case you thought the new year meant brand new technology trends, we can set the record straight. It seems that cloud computing is officially here to stay. Businesses have moved past the introduction phase of the popular technology and are now profiting from the benefits of the cloud. Countless studies have already been conducted to predict technology trends in 2015, and cloud computing seems to top the list every time.

IT spending on cloud computing will increase 42% this year, according to the Computerworld Forecast Study 2015. The study showed that cloud initiatives are the most important for the majority of IT departments today. These initiatives are expected to cause the most disruption in the future, with a focus on improving current service and generating new revenue streams. Spending will also increase heavily on security technologies, business analytic investments, storage solutions and wireless and mobile, all of which can tie back into cloud computing. It’s clear that these trends are important, as the top three skills IT professionals need in 2015 are network security, data analytics and enterprise app development and support.

According to Gartner, cloud computing is also one of the 10 strategic technology trends for the new year. A “strategic technology trend” is defined as one with the potential for significant impact on an organization in the next three years. There will be a huge trend of moving computational power away from devices, which is where cloud computing gets involved. As consumers, we’ve quickly become accustomed to applications that can be integrated across different devices, and now this will become a business focus. Applications and information can be centrally managed, allowing users to easily access their business apps and data on any device, in any location. This popular feature of cloud computing leads to scalability, flexibility and customizability within an organization. It also allows businesses to move their focus to innovation and revenue growth.

Additionally, cloud experts have shared their opinions on this year’s technology trends. According to tech writer Paul Korzeniowski, the technology itself won’t change. The emphasis will. There will be a lot of interest in the Internet of Things, as various brands continue to explore home automation and wearable technology. While this is exciting for consumers, it will continue the heated discussion on cloud security. Especially following some major security incidents this past year, cloud computing will have to continue proving itself on that front.

There will also be an emphasis on vertical applications, as businesses realize they want tailored cloud services for their specific daily operations. Dave Wright, Chief Strategy Officer of ServiceNow, said, “As cloud platforms continue to mature, and more organizations are drawn to the financial and innovative benefits, cloud is spurring interest from even those industries that have been hesitant.” Cloud computing has the potential to impact every single industry, and businesses in all areas are realizing this.

It’s very apparent that the cloud will only continue to grow. There is a renewed confidence in the technology, cloud tools and services have matured, and the cost and efficiency benefits are obvious. Cloud computing has gained acceptance and now we get to see how drastically it can impact the business world. Get ready – 2015 is going to be an exciting year!

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