Telecom Cost Savings are Within Reach


Calls are cheap, right? With long distance rates in the sub two-cent range, many telecom managers are not concerned with lowering the telecom bill. But cost savings can be achieved because the call is just one piece of the puzzle.

Employee Cost Savings

Employees are the most expensive part of your business. A mid-level employee may cost $45 per hour loaded with benefits. If that employee is on the phone for an hour unnecessarily, that is lost money. Cut out that wasted hour, and productivity and cost-savings are added back to the bottom-line. When call log reports are distributed, the visibility and accountability of staff phone activity means employees make fewer – and shorter – personal and other unnecessary calls.  This lowers costs, in some cases as much as 30 percent.

Toll-Free Numbers

One of the smartest marketing moves the phone company ever did was naming these calls “toll-free.” Nothing in life is free, and there certainly is no such thing as a toll-free call. Someone pays somewhere. In the case of a “toll-free” call, the person or organization being called pays. It should have been called “automatic collect” because in essence, a caller is calling someone who has already agreed to pick up the charges.

Typically businesses have these toll-free numbers for customers and prospective customers to reach them. Better decisions can be made when a sales manager or marketing department can use reports to show:

• Where those calls are coming from (city/state)?
• Who is calling you on those numbers?
• Who is answering those calls?

Stop Fraud

telecom cost savings

Many employees think these “toll-free” calls are really free and give this number to family and friends. VXTracker can deliver a report to show who is receiving calls on these lines. Is it someone in customer service? Perfect. Is it someone who is not customer facing? There’s loss that should be stopped.

Reduce Directory Assistance Costs

Directory assistance calls can be as much as $2.50 per call and are often hidden in the phone bill. VXTracker call accounting reports show a summary of these costs, and identifies who is using this service. Are these numbers they could look up on an internet phone directory? Spot the worst offenders easily with a compliance report for telecom cost savings.

Optimize Phone System Configuration

Cost savings can be realized by capturing live call data. It allows managers to:

•    Verify the correct routing of calls.
•    Monitor and report on VoIP bandwidth usage.
•    Confirm if all trunks are operating properly.
•    Show if you have too many trunks.
•    Identify unused extensions.
•    Lower Usage Costs.

VXSuite helps businesses realize telecom cost savings. Set a plan to reduce this misuse of company resources and lower costs.

What do you do to achieve telecom cost savings?

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