Telecommuting and video conferencing go hand in hand

Do you enjoy the benefits of a remote working arrangement? The number of people “modernizing” the traditional workplace and looking for flexibility is constantly on the rise. Technology has started addressing the changing workplace needs and preferences. Telecommuting and video conferencing go hand in hand, allowing for real-time interactions between coworkers, professionals and clients, as well as business representatives and potential partners.

According to Global Workplace Analytics, 3.3 million people in the US telecommute and their number is growing all the time. These professionals represent 2.6 percent of the US workforce. The number of individuals who consider their home to be their primary workplace has increased by nearly 80 percent since 2005. Telecommuting grew steadily during the recession and when it comes to self-employed individuals, nearly 80 percent are telecommuting.

How are video conferencing solutions like video conferencing  those brought to you by Prime Telecommunications through IOCOM Visimeet addressing this prominent trend? Telecommuting professionals get to benefit from it in a number of distinctive ways.

Enhanced Communication

Getting engaged in face-to-face communication with someone can make it easier for a professional to judge the situation, offer adequate solutions and make the most of the interaction.

Body language is a crucial part of business meetings. Hearing the voice of a person or carrying out communication in the form of emails will be insufficient to assess these fine nuances of human behavior and their meaning.

Video conferencing bridges the gap between people that want to do business together, yet lack the opportunity to meet in real life. Taking cues from body language can make the communication much more beneficial for both parties involved and lead to the tailoring of solutions to individual needs and preferences.

Team Spirit and Corporate Efficiency

Many people that choose telecommuting feel somewhat isolated from the team. Video conferencing solutions make it easier for such individuals to feel a part of the whole and to become actively engaged.

In addition, video conferencing enables real-time conversation. This possibility streamlines corporate processes and gives employees opportunities to use their time in the most rational way. There could be significant delays when it comes to email communication or other indirect methods of delivering information. Seeing each other and discussing vital issues at the same time enables all parties involved in the process to gain awareness about their responsibilities and to get started with the most pressing tasks at hand.

Productivity can be boosted across the team if video conferencing technology is used on a daily basis. This virtual meeting gets to replace the traditional staff sessions used to do planning and come up with an agenda. The efficiency will be as high, as the one achieved during an old school face-to-face conversation.

Time Saving

The use of video conferencing technology leads to saving a lot of time in terms of commuting and getting to meet with clients or business partners that work in a distant part of town, another city or another country.

Long-distance travels can lead to a lot of wasted time that can be used for the completion of much more important tasks. In addition, such business trips can be a truly expensive endeavor for startups and small companies. As a result, many professionals are opting for affordable and efficient possibilities like video conferencing . The results of such virtual meetings are the same as getting to meet in person, minus the wasted time and the transportation costs.

Telecommuting employees will boost their productivity by saving time and the entire corporate structure will benefit from the manner in which their business day is organized.

When should We Meet?

Virtual meetings can be scheduled at times that will be convenient for both parties involved. Getting to communicate efficiently may be a challenging task for professionals that live in different time zones. Sending emails will lead to serious communication gaps and delays in task execution.

Video conferencing enables the two parties to communicate to each other at a time that is convenient for both. It could be evening for one professional and early morning for the other but the virtual meeting that takes place in the comfort of one’s home or office will simplify and enhance the communication.

Many self-employed individuals and other employees that rely on telecommuting do work with clients in different countries. A virtual meeting becomes their primary communication tool and the option that helps them get started with the project quickly and that leads to quick clarification of questions or addressing of problematic issues.

Virtual meeting technology like video conferencing brought to you by Prime Telecommunications and IOCOM VIsimeet is becoming increasingly affordable and accessible. As a result, the number of telecommuting professionals that rely on such possibilities to do their job is growing. The examples mentioned above are just some of the ways in which video conferencing enhances telecommuting. There are various other important advantages that deserve to be mentioned and these include easy accessibility of the platform, the ability to get back to work soon after injury or a medical problem, a chance to work in informal settings and flexibility that enables a wide range of professionals to rely on such solutions






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