Cloud: The Sophisticated Solution for SMBs

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Cloud computing can probably make the biggest impact in the SMB segment. Why? Because traditionally, these businesses haven’t been able to afford the same services and resources that large companies use, limiting their capabilities. It was often impossible to be even remotely competitive with a large organization, but luckily that has changed. Now, thanks to the cloud, businesses of all sizes can take advantage of world-class solutions, accessing infrastructure and software that was previously out of reach. Rather than focusing on balancing a budget, small businesses can focus on business strategy and development.

Drive Productivity and Innovation

The big driver behind cloud adoption is anywhere access. With cloud computing, all of your employees can access and work with business data and applications away from the office, including remote workers, board members, vendors or anyone else who needs access to your data. Better yet, your employees can work on the same files in real time, even if they are not physically together. This characteristic really boosts collaboration within the business and eliminates the hassle of sending emails back and forth filled with huge attachments. In addition to working from any location, your users can work using any device, as they simply use the Internet to access the company work space – this means smartphones, tablets and laptops are all fair game. The environment is familiar and easy to use, so no training is required. This mobility and flexibility will lead to innovation and greater productivity, and those things will drive your business. Small businesses that have employees working in various locations need the cloud. It’s the only way to go.

Gain Security

While there is still skepticism surrounding the security of the cloud, it always depends on the provider you work with. In most cases, cloud providers aren’t willing to risk business and therefore have amazing security policies and procedures in place. After all, just imagine: if you heard that a provider caused a business a major security breach, you would never work with it. Cloud providers are businesses too – they don’t want to risk their reputations. The security gained from the cloud is almost always better than what a small business could have afforded in the first place. Cloud computing adds security through off-site back up, redundancy, encryption, firewalls and numerous other physical and network security measures. Better yet, a top-class cloud provider like us meets the majority of compliance requirements. The key is to have an in-depth discussion about security before moving to the cloud. Make sure the provider has everything you need. Check the Service Level Agreement. Test the solutions. This should all be available to you, and if it’s not, then you know to move on.

Balance Your Budget

With cloud computing, small businesses get to make IT someone else’s problem – specifically, the cloud provider. There’s no trade off. SMBs get access to sophisticated capabilities that are normally reserved for large companies, and they get this for low prices. Simply, cloud technology allows customers to work on a larger scale at a lower cost because it is a great technology equalizer. The operational IT work and most of the costs move to us, while the business simply pays for what it consumes. This model reduces upfront costs and allows businesses to receive the resources they need on-demand, for affordable prices. In the past, only large companies could afford hot new technology, but cloud computing is leveling the playing field. Technology is a major driver of competitive advantage and it shouldn’t be reserved for the big guys. Cloud computing makes sure that it isn’t. This is a game-changer for the SMB segment, as it allows SMBs access to enterprise-grade technology and resources.

4 in 5 SMBs will be fully adapted to the cloud by 2020. You may be a small business, but with the cloud, you can still think big.


Get your Free Cloud Guide

Get your Free Cloud Guide

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