Can Your Communications Solution Really Be Green?

Have you tried carbon foot printing your digital life? You might be surprised:

According to a study by the security firm McAfee, the carbon footprint of unwanted emails (i.e., “spam”) is roughly 0.3 grams of carbon dioxide per message. Multiply that by the many trillions of spam messages sent annually and it’s like driving around the earth 1.6 million times.

According to Google, a single Google search is equivalent to about 0.2 grams of CO2. A few thousand searches and you have produced the carbon footprint of a mile in a car.

Time spent on Facebook? Posting videos on YouTube? The tens of millions of tweets every day on Twitter?  Everything ultimately has a carbon footprint and as we become more and more data and digitally empowered, that footprint gets bigger.

For example, consider the phone on your desk. Avaya commissioned studies that show its IP Phones consuming up to 24.5% less energy than competitive phones. If a business uses a lot of phones—a small contact center for example—the savings can add up.

Avaya has actually take a number of steps in its product designs to consume less energy.

Avaya Ethernet switches use less power than competitors and have a power saving mode. The automatic energy saver cuts consumption up to 25% in periods when full line speed is not needed. In addition to being good for the environment, the reduced energy consumption gives Avaya switches (such as the ERS 4548GT-PWR) a lower total cost of ownership.  

Obviously, a wide range of strategies are needed to cut our energy consumption:  we have to alter our behavior, design more energy efficient devices and, ultimately, embrace renewable energy. Given our dependence on IT, energy usage is going to keep going up. The question is by how much.

About Vic Levinson
Telecommunications and IT professional with over 27 years experience in Business Technology Solutions. Specializing in managed technologies solutions : hosted VoIP, cyber security, help desk, remote monitoring and maintenance, cloud work space and - the works. Founded Prime Telecommunications in 1993 and providing business communications solutions. Cloud Applications- everything from hosted network security, hosted Disaster Recovery, hosted printer management, data centers and colocation solutions for businesses.

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